June 5-9th, 2017

One plant: over 50,000 known uses.
HEMP is an eco-friendly alternative for paper, plastic, concrete, insulation, fuel, textile, rope, and so much more. Hemp also has the ability to rejuvinate otherwise useless land such as mountain-top removal areas. Hemp is a natural weed that grows rapidly on its own and does not need toxic herbicides/pesticides to grow abundantly.
As well as being friendly to the environment, HEMP also holds great nutritional and medicinal value. CBD (derived from Hemp) is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-spasmodic, anti- anxiety, anti-psychotic, anti-cancer, analgesic, neuroprotective, and SO MUCH MORE. Hemp seeds are a perfect source of plant protein containing all of the essentia...l amino acids and the perfect ratio of omega 6s to omega 3s for your body to digest and absorb.
NOT ONLY is Hemp an all around useful crop for the people, the animals, and the planet, but it is also a HUGE money maker; estimated to become a more valuable cash crop than Corn, Cotton, AND Tobacco. Currently, 24 states have RE-legalized the cultivation of this advantageous crop, however federal legalization is the goal. As of right now, the United States is still largely investing in importing Hemp from countries like China, Europe and Canada, while switching to domestic production will significantly stimulate the local (U.S.) economy.

Unfortunately, to many people in the United States, Hemp still carries an undeserved stigma despite the fact that it has so much versatility and benefit. In order to lift federal restrictions on Hemp cultivation, we all must show our support and urgency toward legalization. HEMP HISTORY WEEK is a nation wide event to teach about the usefulness of Hemp, to discuss the history and to clear any misconceptions toward the matter, and to highlight the different ways we can all get involved.

June 5th-9th, 2017, we will be hosting Hemp History Week at Good Vibes Wellness Center, where we will be having ongoing discussions about all things HEMP, handing out samples and cool freebies, and selling homemade Hemp/CBD infused wellness products including topicals, aromatherapy candles, raw vegan treats, and more! Come by with any questions, ideas, and to just check it out and support the movement! Hemp Hemp Hooray! :)