Akashic Record Meditation

Sometimes the answers you seek are in clear sight… in the Akash… the great space in which all existence is recorded… past, present, future, probable futures… of everything that ever existed or will exist… is available for you to access through the Akashic Records.

All of this knowledge you have access to. Just as I do as a psychic and a medium. The healing work I do comes from having access to the great knowledge stored in the Akashic Records.

Through a deep trance mediation, I assist you in journeying to access the ancient knowledge stored within.

You may ask “Why choose to access the Akashic Records?”

The secret knowledge can help you overcome fears and phobias; improve your inter-personal relationships; assist you in discovering your true soul’s purpose; assist in the healing of another; access knowledge currently unavailable to your conscious mind; and the list goes on.

As a healer, my goal is to lead you to the information that will transform your life in a positive direction; to aid in healing body mind and spirit; and help you grow on the cellular and soul level.

No matter your personal reasons for wanted to access Akashic Records, I am here to be your guide.

Join me as we journey together through time, space and multi-dimensions.

• What to bring
A notepad for note taking is suggested.

Upcoming Classes
September 19