Drums and other Percussion instruments will be provided for you to enjoy.
Beginners and experienced drummers Welcome to the Indoor Full Moon Drum Circle where you get to set your new intentions and feel the seductive pulsating vibrations of the Drums.
We seek to connect our community with the planetary cycles that affect all of us, even in urban environments, such as seasonal cycles, planting cycles, and lunar cycles. It is our belief that by living in greater harmony with the natural cycles that guide us, we develop a greater relationship to the planet and thus if becomes easier to walk our path lightly upon her. To help our community connect with the lunar cycle, we celebrate the New Moon and Full Moon with Community Drum Circles.

These family-friendly events feature drumming, dance, chanting, singing local artists, healing and much more. The energy of the circles shifts with the lunar cycles and is different each time. All traditions and faith come together to honor the gifts of our shared community, planet and universe in music rhythm and fellowship.

Playing music together puts us in touch with the creative force that directly connects with our humanity. Each of us carries our rhythm every day, even it you've never drummed before. We walk in rhythm… our heart beats in rhythm…we breathe in rhythm…When we take that rhythm and express it as a thread in the woven fabric of our circle, we realize how our uniqueness blends with that of others to create a rich tapestry of Community.

In service and gratitude, we offer these gatherings to help our community reach its highest potential through rhythm, with an intention to serve, to inspire and to reach beyond what separates us.

Drums and other Percussion instruments will be provided for you to enjoy.
Adults- $10
Kids 5-13 years- $5
Under 5 years -FREE

This is a Family Friendly Drum Circle.

Bring candle in a jar, a drum and other pleasing rhythm making instruments for you and others to share with.
Chairs and cold water will be provided.