Blessings of Loving Light: Group Angelic Energy Healing Session

Seraphim Blueprint is a multidimensional Angelic Healing Energy System that works deeply and transformatively on One's physical, emotional,mental, and spiritual bodies. To honor freewill of Life, a vast array of pure Loving Light Energies are shared with those
whom are open and willing to receive these comforting Energy Blessings. Focused Energies are custom tailored to suit each individual's needs for their Highest Good. To facilitate a state of well being, Seraphim Blueprint Energies can release blockages, cleanse,heal, nourish, calm, lighten, energize, ground and so much more. These Loving Light Energies are intended with gentle soothing, nurturing, and comforting effectiveness to share God's Angelic Healing Love with Life.

Workshop is $10

Short Bio and Description 

Melchizedek Priestess Sheila Trocheck is an Angelic Lightworker committed to shining Loving Light Energy Blessings that are comforting to Life's needs. She is a certified Seraphim Blueprint Practitioner, Guardian of Gaia, Reiki Master and Oneness Blessing Giver. In her spare time she enjoys creating Artistic Blessings to share potent Loving Light intentions, energies and vortices. Sheila works with clients individually and in group sessions in person and distantly. She specializes in whole being energy work, current or past life trauma release, medical procedure support, negative EMF relief, relocation integration, Cosmic Blessings, grid work; including Lemurian/Atlantean Crystal Creations, Blessings for home, business and personal property. She is further dedicated to facilitating the transformative processes along One's path for The Highest Good.