First Wednesday every month

Join Kathy Lamm, Conscious Living Coach and Spirit Connector, for this unique opportunity to develop your natural abilities by tapping into the wisdom of the Akash. Connect with your higher self, a higher level of Spiritual teacher, learn about your own gifts and abilities through accessing the Akashic Records.

In this workshop, you will learn the following:
• Receive Messages from your Higher Self
• Become a Clear Channel for Psychic Readings
• How to Read Objects using Psychometry
• How to See and Read the Etheric Field and Chakras
• Become a Clear Channel for Messages from the Deceased, Spirit Guides and Angels

These weekly workshops are hands on, they involve exercises to develop your psychic skills and is suitable for anyone who has an interest or has always been curious about developing their psychic abilities. Beginners and intermediate levels welcome.

If you’d like to bring test items for readings…
1. place a small single item in a non-see through package or bag
2. bring a photo of a person you know well (living or deceased)
3. bring an object that is connected to someone you know well (living or deceased)

Upcoming Classes
October 3             November 7