Suzanne, along with her guide, Elizabeth, has been providing spiritual counseling using tarot cards, pendulums, and other highly advanced methods for her whole life. She is a gifted psychic reader who is known for her
down-to-earth, no-nonsense style that is kind in its delivery and honest in its presentation. She is easy to understand, needs no prompting to be accurate, while, at the same time she is extremely targeted in the information she provides. 

At Good Vibes Wellness, Suzanne is a reader folks rely on to provide valuable insight into their past and present situations, health, decision-making, and overall life’s twists and turns. If you have a pressing need or just want to know what you are pursuing and how your life is advancing, Suzanne can give you guidance that you can rely upon and you will immediately feel a connection to her and her guide Elizabeth and know that you are receiving information that will help you in all your daily affairs