The Art of Falling 
Book Signing Event

May, 20

This will be a day of celebration and for sharing my self-help book entitled, "The Art of Falling!"

Here is a run down of the events!

11am-12pm- Sound Bath Meditation (love donations accepted)

A deep shamanic sound meditation journey accompanied by crystal healing bowls and Karuna Reiki chanting and toning focused on the book's topics.

12pm-1:30pm- Book signing/Reading and Meditation (free!)

1:30pm-3pm- Timeless Remembrance: Group Past Life Regression...

This will be a group past life regression. We will delve into the unconscious aspects of self to reconnect with the Akashic records and see which past lives can give us a clearer perspective on our current situation. Each person's experience will be unique as you uncover the layers of self where we are all connected.
(love donation of $20 suggested)