Combining the soothing strategies of yin yoga with the energetic frequencies of yang we will create a balanced class that carries endless capabilities. We will quite the inner chatter from our mind while restoring our bodies back to relaxation. Stretching to relieve our tired muscles and reawakening our limbs to our fullest potential. Preparing us for the night ahead with the Universal dance as well to later aiding us to rest deeply. Through our practice together of breath work, stretching, and strengthening we will unwind the mind & body lengthening us to the most optimal heights.

About Persefone

Persefone Pappas is a traveling yoga teacher, ceremony facilitator, natural nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner. Her passion for spreading self-care maintenance makes quite the recipe for conscious awareness. Persefone will be available at Good Vibes Wellness m, allowing participants a time to restore their bodies & minds with intuitive, recuperating techniques. Hosting a healing space that is compelled to influence individuals in reawakening to our divinity & beauty. We will explore the benefits of natural nutrition, meditation, and restoration. Sustainable satiation will arise…

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